Decorating & Design Service

“Providing backdrops for finer living.”

Smith Rudasill Interiors & Gifts specializes in eclectic decorating with an appreciation for the your preferred style, an emphasis upon detail and exacting design, products of renowned quality and craftsmanship with enduring value. (Whew!) In essence, we are committed to “providing backdrops for finer living.”

The Decorating and Design Service is available for those who request assistance in their decorating and design projects. Assistance is offered to the extent preferred. Through this service, you are offered access to a broader range of products than might otherwise be enjoyed, including access to major Decorating and Design Centers throughout the country.

The decorating ranges from formal to casual and is always relaxed, promoting a peaceful coexistence between traditional and contemporary design.

Traditional • Transitional • Contemporary

If desired, you can secure a personal shopping service for finer home furnishings and accessories. Small to large accounts are welcomed.

The approach is to complement your design style, not supplant it—unless that is what you wish. We enjoy assisting you to develop and cultivate the style that best suits you. We are committed to assisting you to increase your security and confidence in the decisions pertaining to projects and to eliminate costly mistakes.

For those who know the difference…or want to.